Church Installations


Bad sound in a great church is a tragedy.

In today's house of worship, sound is a critical component to successful ministry. Larger audiences require efficient delivery of a wide palette of audio signals.

Spoken word, choral singing, solo singers of various ranges, and musical instruments, all have specialized needs. Your sound system must handle all with strength and clarity.

Researchers have found that a good sound system has a significant impact on regular church attendance. Here is the reason: your audience is more discerning of quality audio at every age level because they are exposed to better sound technology everywhere.

Pro/Sound is very experienced in serving the church community. You can have Pro/Sound design your sound system with confidence. Whether in an existing church or new construction our process and the Bose Modeler® system will provide reliable results.

When delivering a message that is so important, trust a leader with proven background and many satisfied customers.


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