Audio Acoustical Modeling

Pro/Sound specifies Bose systems and equipment.

Bose® professional sound systems are custom-designed for an audio experience unique to your business or venue. Pro/Sound utilizes Bose Modeler® Design Software. Modeler® software can be used for existing structures, or with architectural drawings of planned structures.

With this technology, Pro/Sound professionals answer important questions like "Will the entire audience area be covered evenly with sound? Will the maximum sound level be sufficient? Will there be any reflections that might reduce speech intelligibility?"

The Auditioner® demonstration program lets you hear what the system will actually sound like in your building long before it's ever installed. Studies show that listeners can barely distinguish between sound from a real system, and sound generated by the corresponding Auditioner® demonstration model.

With Auditioner® demonstration technology, you'll know exactly what you're getting long before installation. Which means you'll get it right the first time.


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